Nina Speaking is a 4-piece cover band that plays 90’s alternative/rock as well as known music from other eras and genres.  We play a wide range of venues and events both  fully electric and acoustic.  With this flexibility as well as an extensive song library we are a perfect fit for almost any event.  


We strive to be professional and reliable in our interactions with those who book us by communicating promptly, honoring our agreements, and being on time and flexible with with the customer's requests.  


A bit of trivia: “Nina Speaking” is a reference to the most excellent 90’s movie “Office Space.”  Nina Speaking can provide all necessary audio equipment or use your venue's sound system.  We look forward to playing for your next event!


// vocals & guitar


Nate is the founding member of Nina Speaking.  His father taught him to play a variety of instruments from an early age and he cut his teeth as a solo acoustic act until starting to play in multi-member bands in the late 2000’s.  He has over 25 years of experience in playing music.  Nate is a huge fan of anything that lights up.


// guitar


Chris is the newest member of the band. His bandmates remind him of this with constant pseudo-inappropriate hazing.  He’s been playing guitar for 23 years with 30 years of musical experience.  He has played in various regional acts in New England, Montana, Southern California and Arizona.  While Chris enjoys playing all styles of music his true passion is in the Progressive Rock and Jazz segments.  Many nights, he can be heard playing epic 2+ hour solos by his extremely angry neighbors. He also loves cake. 


// bass


Bryce is a dynamic rocking bass player that joined the band in early 2015.  He is now plotting to take over the world.  He has been playing bass for 7 years and has played with various local original and cover bands.  While Bryce can play most any style of music, he bleeds pure punk rock.  Bryce feels an emotional connection to his music and can often be seen weeping profusely during performances.


// drums


“Young Nate” (the youngest member of the band) is the chill, fun-loving drummer of Nina Speaking.  He joined in mid-2017 after taking a year off from the music scene.  While “Young Nate” has played drums for over 15 years, only a third of that time was spent actually improving.  He thinks the word "choo choo" is hilarious.

Management & Booking

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